How To Install Blogger Template Blogger | Hướng Dẫn Cài Đặt Template Blogger

Installing a blogger template on your blogger blog is very easy. VNZoom.Net gives you thousands of free blogger templates for renovating your blog. Yes! We giving new look for a blogger blog. This tutorial shows you how to install/upload a new blogger template. We cover two types of installing method with step by step guidance.

Step 1: Downloading Blogger Template.

Browse blogger templates in our website and chose your favourite template. (You can Live Preview our every template to know how your blog look like after uploading the template.) After the browsing, click Download button on your desired template and the template file will directly downloaded and stored in your computer hard drive.

Step 2: Extracting zipped downloaded template file.

File format that you have downloaded is a .ZIP/ .RAR file format. We are only able to upload a file with .xml extension. So it is need to be extracted. Please Extract / Unzip it.

Step 3: Open .xml file with text editor.

Open .xml file using text editor like notepadwordpadnotpad++ or something like that.

Step 4: Copy all coding.

In the text editor, press Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+C (Ctrl+A to select all coding, Ctrl+C to copy the selected coding)

Step 5: Open HTML Editor on blogger.

You must logged in your google account to access your blogger dashboard (Ignore this step if you are already logged in).

On Blogger Dashboard, click Theme. Open HTML Editor on blogger dashboard and click “Edit HTML” button.

Step 6: Paste coding on blogger HTML Editor.

Click anywhere in HTML Editor. Now press Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+Y (Ctrl+A to select all coding, Ctrl+Y to replace selected coding with copied template coding). Finally click “Save theme” button.

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